Politics and Philiosophy

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The Bulleit Manhattan

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Barbara loves a good Cosmo so when I feel like joining her in drinking out of the iconic cocktail glass or a fancy "swerve" glass, I drink a Bulleit Manhattan. Ahhh... yes the Manhattan is the manly version of the cosmo. Instead of vodka and cranberry, a Bulleit Manhattan has bourbon and sweet vermouth. To top it off there is a slight bit of Maraschino cherry juice and a Maraschino cherry for garnish. There is all kind of history behind the Manhattan. It was originally created by Dr. Iain Marshall for a banquet hosted by Jennie Jerome, who was the mother of Prime Minister Winston...


Fried Turkey

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I have been frying turkeys for the holidays... well... it seems like forever. It has almost become a ritual for my son and me. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my son and I wake up early, remove the thawed turkey from the refrigerator and inject it with an abundance of delicious buttery spices. Later in the morning we begin the slow fry while sitting on lawn chairs usually warming our hands near the burner. Cocktails for the adults are always a neccesity as we forgive each other for drinking before noon. Once all is complete, all of the family stalks the person assigned with carving for a...