about Chris

Chris was born into a creative family.

His mother Patricia Pilie was known throughout the United States as a premier Watercolor artist. Her talent bled over into Chris' passion for color, light, and expresion. For over 15 years Chris has explored the psyche of people that have inspired and the events that shaped his life.

The art is a personal jounrey. While most of his work is a window into the interpretations of feelings, experiences, and deep personal exploration, the work is a sliver of a snap shot leaving only an brief impression of the universe that was explored to paint it.

The Writer

Truth is Absolute

In a search for the truth, Chris has begun an ambitious 3 part literary work that spans biblical, philisophical, and scientific in the search for the truth. The work will explore the common thread within historical persons and events that have shaped the world as we now know it.

Lanterns of Liberty

Lanterns of Liberty was started by Chris to help "illimunate the truth" for American patriots pursuing the preservation of American culture. Inspired by people such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell, and Mark Levin, Chris as found value in sharing their wisdom in context with current events.

the Battlefield of Ideas

Chris has combined his web development skills and passion for exploring the media narrative of current events and created a website that lays out the various ideas that conflict with one another. The purpose is to share differing views as well as spark debate about these ideas.


The Machine: The Progression of Secular Socialism

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Illuminating the Truth: Useful Idiots

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