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Music sets the mood of any event. Whether it is rock, R&B, Progressive, POP, Blues, Jazz, or Classical, we will open you up to some new tunes.

The Chevin: Borderland
In 2010 I saw Duran Duran with Barbara at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. Duran Duran put on a great show as expected but to my surprise, I would discover a new favorite band. The band was Your Vegas....

Shinedown: Amaryllis
The first time I heard this band, I really thought it was another mainstream rock group. At the time I was in a Progressive Rock stage and didn't see a whole lot of value in the simple drum beats, the...



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Keep up with Barbara and I. We love to share our favorite foods, our favorite cocktails, our favorite music, our favorite art & literature, and our favorite experiences.

Barbara loves a good Cosmo so when I feel like joining her in drinking out of the iconic cocktail glass or a fancy "swerve" glass, I drink a Bulleit Manhattan....


I have been frying turkeys for the holidays... well... it seems like forever. It has almost become a ritual for my son and me. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, my son...


This is such a fresh fish dish with a little sass. Added a little latin spice to this dish with a dash of citrus....